Who should not use Argan oil and Krill Oil?

There is much written about the benefits of the krill oil and how it helps in the reduction of cholesterol. There is list of people who should not be consuming this oil and one should read it carefully and compare it with his or her case study. This is to ensure if he can take the capsule or not.

  • The first one the list of people who should not take the oil are pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is because there is no sufficient study that shows that it is safe for the pregnant woman to consume it. This is also applicable to the other marine oils, which are available in the market. This particular research is not done.
  • People who are allergic to shellfish and have other allergies should not consume this oil. The oil is known to have negative reactions with the allergy drugs and cause uncomfortable feelings for the consumer.
  • Asthma patients are also a part of this list. This is because the shellfish extracts will react with the asthma medications. Thus, one should consult their medical practitioner and confirm that there are no issues before taking it.

While there are people who cannot take the krill oil, there are alternatives for them. The fish oil capsules are safe enough for people to take and they are also declared to be safe by the FDA. The pregnant women should take more of real seafood rather than health supplements to get the vital elements of omega 3 acids. This is an element, which is very helpful in the development of the baby’s brain. It is known that 70 percent of the baby’s brain development happens in the womb of the mother and thus, the omega 3 acids are very important. You can buy krill oil – ultimate source of omega 3 at www.reinventingaging.org

While these were the restrictions for the krill oil, there are no such restrictions for the Argan oils. This is the oil, which is used, primarily for beauty purposes and thus, anyone can use it. However, the oils used in the steam can be very strong and thus, the pregnant women and people having asthma should confirm before they take it.

All these oils are easily available on the internet. One does not have to searching around in the shops to find suitable oils for them. While you want to take these oils, you can ask your doctors and they will provide you information about the best brand that is available in the market. It is always better to ask for expert opinion than trying your own thing. There are also some fake brands, which claim to be Argan oil and krill oil. Do not blindly believe it them. You can ask your doctor if it is safe to use the brand that you have selected or come across on the internet. The task of purchasing these oils is also made easy with the help of the e commerce and free shipping features of the same. The product is sent to your home directly.


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